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We are UK National home buyers with years of experience in buying property.

Our service is the best way to sell your property fast.

For an instant, no-obligation offer...

Fast Cash Deals

We Buy Any House!

We will buy your house in any condition or location!

We guarantee a cash offer for your home and our purchase prices are between 70% & 85% of the full market value of your property.

We are the best option when you are looking to sell your property in a hurry, regardless of your situation -

  • Financial difficulties
  • Reposessions
  • Evictions
  • Broken chains
  • Divorce
  • Inheritance  

Fast Cash Deals

Better than estate agents!

1 in every 3 sales via estate agents, actually fall through! Ours don't!

Estate Agents will take between 6 and 24 months to sell your house!

Many circumstances can lead to you wanting a quick sale. Our homebuying service is designed with you in mind. Our Purchase prices are between 70% & 85% of the full market value of your property.

Our house buying service allows you to save thousands in ongoing fee's. and the advantages of selling your house quickly are clear for you to see!  

Compare Fees!

Selling Through An Estate Agent:

  • Your property will generally sell for 5% below your advertised price
  • Estate Agents Fees are usually around 2% - 3% of your sale price
  • Solicitors Fees are typically 1% of your sale price
  • Buidling Society Surveys will usually cost you, around £400
  • Surveyors Fees (Full Survey - Expensive!)
  • Advertising Fees (Estate Agents Board and Advertising costs)
  • Ongoing Maintenance Costs
  • Delay Costs

Selling To Us:

  • No Estate Agents fees for you!
  • We pay Solicitors fees for you!
  • We pay for your house surveys!
  • No advertising fees for you!
  • No ongoing Delay Costs for you!
  • Quick cash for you!

Fast Cash Deals


When you sell to us, there is no "For Sale" board erected upon your property, so your family, friends, work colleagues and neighbours need never know that you are selling your house.

Whatever reason you have for selling your property quickly, no one else will ever know, when you sell your property to us.

You will have sold your property, received the cash and moved on, before anyone else even knows it's happened!

Fast Cash Deals


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