Delays In Selling Your House!

Any delays in selling your house, whether through your own choice, an under-performing estate agent or a poor sellers market, will result in ongoing monthly costs to you.

For every month that your property fails to sell, you will have to fork out an extra:

  • Mortgage payment
  • Endowment policy premium
  • House insurance premium
  • Contents insurance premium
  • Council tax payment
  • Water rates payment
  • Gas bill payment
  • Electricity bill payment and so on.

You will also have to maintain the condition and decor of your property for viewers, each and every month.

Add all these costs up and figure out how much it will cost you for every extra month that your property fails to sell through an Estate Agent.

Multiply this by the amount of months that your property is still on the market and you will be this much worse of, financially, even if your house does eventually sell.

Houses are currently taking between 6 and 24 months to sell.

Also, if house prices continue to fall, you will be losing even more each month than you would if you sold your property TODAY!

With the way the economy currently is and with house prices forecast to fall even further, our offer, to buy your house today, for 70% - 85% of it's value, is probably the best offer that most house sellers will get.

For every month you delay the decision, you will have to fork out all these extra payments while you watch the value of your property diminsh.

Our offer is a whole lot better than it first looks - Honestly!

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